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Content: Getting Started

Don't worry if you've been uncertain about what it even means. "Content" is primarily a marketing term and, as much as it may seem like it some days, not everyone is a marketer. We live and breathe content. It's kind of our thing. So here's a quick primer for the uninitiated! - md
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There's a nugget of thought leadership that suggests we should be able to explain our work "to our grandparents." The idea is simply that distilling complex ideas down into simple terms shows thorough understanding. I'd add "regardless of age" to that, since I know many brilliant individuals with grandchildren who don't need things dumbed-down for their benefit.  Phrased in a less insulting manner to grandparents, let's say you're doing well if you can explain your work to anyone who isn't in your same exact business.

To explain what we mean by "content," I like to use A Christmas Story. Everyone's seen it, even if y…

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Words Provided Proudly For Awesome People