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Michelle DiPoala

Hi! Michelle here. I'm a freelance writer, something I've done for years even while holding down full time jobs. I love it. I work easily with start-ups, corporations, educators, grad students, artists & musicians. Once I wrote the menu descriptions for a cool little cafe...really good focaccia. Lately I've been working a lot for publicists and marketers, providing fresh product descriptions, engaging press releases, event & trade show materials, even some Kickstarter campaigns. In addition to SEO-ready web content & business writing, I am also proficient in pop culture features and reviews on music, TV and movies. I blog about Gen X culture, women's issues and politics. I believe that all writing should be creative writing! I've tagged Brian Westbye and Kim Bergen Sullivan, two excellent writers that have overlapping areas of expertise, as well as expertise in areas that I know nothing about! Get in touch and we'll talk about what you need done today.
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Brian Westbye

I'm a Maine-based freelance writer with a passion for a great story. I specialize in crafting copy that connects with your target audience, from direct mail campaigns to website copy, landing pages, print ads, brochures and press kits. My past work also includes a range of styles for a variety of publishers, from music reviews, artist interviews and feature stories to think pieces on politics, social issues, history and the stigma of mental illness in American society. I'm writing my first book, a memoir ode to the Great American Road Trip. World Domination will follow.
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Kim Bergen Sullivan

I’m a freelance writer with over 20 years of experience in marketing communications and public relations.  A large part of my time has been spent writing about all things technology -- any kind of technology including martech, networking, artificial intelligence, computer-aided design, analytics, digital asset management -- you name it!  I’m quick to grasp complex, technical information to produce written content that is easy to understand.  I’ve written for both corporations and agencies with a focus on press releases, product marketing materials, web content, and blogs. Aside from technology, my passions also include writing about interior design, food, and gardening. Past clients include CabinetM, 3Com Corporation, Motorola,  Digex, Kepner-Tregoe, Bentley Systems, and Mimio.
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