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Hey everyone, Michelle here. Over the years I've had so many cool, creative people request so many cool, creative "off menu" ways to work together that I realized — you guys are absolutely right. The best workflow is defined by you, not by me. What you need, by when, and how-many-words can change day-to-day. The last thing you have time for is navigating an unnecessarily tedious price list. So now, Brian & Kim and I work as needed, on a sliding scale. Let us know how we can help you! - md
Three Common Workflows 

1. Pay Per Item

You are on the hook to write & send a certain item — for work, for school, for a client. All you've got so far are some notes and that awful sinking feeling. Don't worry! No need to ruin your weekend plans. Just send what you've got so far. We'll get it done. Very reasonable rates.

Your stale business blog is keeping you up at night. Everyone keeps saying you need a 300-500 word post at least once a week, or even two or three, depending on what you do! I bet you've got a list of blog topics but you keep running out of time. Well, we've been blogging for so long that our blogging pre-dates the word blog. We got you.

Other Pay-Per-Item Items: Kickstarter campaigns (the pitch, the thank-you-we-did-it!), press releases, customer letters, technical manuals & user guides, professional profiles (for LinkedIn or the "About Me" section of your site).

2. Pay Per Project

You are starting up a new venture. You need the whole shebang. All the website copy, the elevator pitch, an on-boarding email template for new subscribers, some marketing materials, and maybe a personal "About Me" for the core staff. Extremely reasonable rates.

Your company hired a web designer to refresh your existing site, and now the old copy looks stale and dated. Language truly does age, especially in high-tech. For example, do we need to keep saying that social media automation updates "in real time" like we just cracked the technology? Time for an upgrade? You can afford it. Call us.

Other Pay-Per-Project Projects: Tech manuals & user guides, work instructions, SLAs (Service Level Agreements), warranty policies, employee handbooks, event materials (evites, invites, signage +).

3. N Hours Every Week/Month

Now you guys, well --you pretty much just need a good all-purpose writer reliably there, to generate a certain number of items weekly or monthly, internal or customer-facing. You need someone for proofreading and editing. You need ad hoc pieces completed, on short notice, and in your voice. For example, right now, who do you send your slide deck to, for language and spelling, an hour before giving your big presentation? That can be one of us, easily.

If you don't recognize your unique needs in any of these three common workflows, just let us know what you have in mind. 

Why Gearshift?

There are no "account managers" between you and the writers, no itemized price lists like you're ordering sushi a la carte, and no machine-learning talent-matching software program. Just tell us what we can do to help you get more done, faster — starting today. We'll go from there.

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