You're A Modern Marketing Machine

Whether you are a full-time marketer or a small business owner making a go of it on your own, you guys really are amazing. Not only must you make traditional marketing magic -- strategize to develop, launch and manage all sorts of creative campaigns. In addition, you need to integrate systems and processes, track web traffic, raise search engine rankings, and constantly keep an eye on ROI so you can prove that your creative ideas are yielding real results. Oh, and across every channel, too. So how's all that going?

Given the massive output demanded, it's understandable that today's digital marketer is turning to automation for content management, personalization, targeting, scoring and tracking. That's outstanding. Automation is great. We love the web CMS systems, the AI-driven content discovery algorithms, and we even love (some of) the programs that help non-writers improve their writing. While automation is vital for connecting systems, integrating, collaborating, and streamlining tedious manual operations, automation is not a substitute for any of the creative. For creative, you still need humans.

Hey, We're Humans! 

Automate as much as you can. Definitely let the robots collect audience data, surface look-alikes, cross-post all the content across all the social media, and text you with your meeting alerts. But you wouldn't send the robot to represent you and your creative ideas at the meeting.

Hire a "Write Hand"

Forgive the terrible pun. But 20-second hypothetical: it's Sunday night. What do you need to get done this week?
  • Your email marketing program sends automatic newsletters on a regular basis. Is the next newsletter done?
  • A great way to get more mailing list subscribers is to offer a free piece of content, like an eBook. Has anyone written one yet?
  • Thought leaders suggest that a company blog should be refreshed with relevant posts two or three times weekly, depending on the business. If a decent blog post is 500 words, that means you need a thousand words by Wednesday.

Anything else? 
Can't Wait To See What You've Got Planned.
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