Back Office, HR & Ops

✔ Job Postings
✔ Job Descriptions
✔ Company Overview (“About Us”)
✔ Executive Profiles (LinkedIn, +)
✔ Mission Statement
✔ New Hire Welcome Letters
✔ Employee Handbook
✔ Training Materials
✔ Work Instructions (ISO-ready)
✔ Procedures (ISO-ready)

Sales & Support

✔ Product & Service Descriptions
✔ Customer Welcome & Onboarding
✔ Brochures
✔ Presentations
✔ Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
✔ Warranty Agreements
✔ Terms & Conditions
✔ User Guides & Manuals

Need a Hand? Hire A Writer

Even if you've got a full-time staff, Gearshift can be a great resource for small to midsize businesses. You can hire an authentic writer on an as-needed basis to generate any kind of internal or customer-facing content.

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Words Provided Proudly For Awesome People

Words Provided Proudly For Awesome People